Pot plants

Indoor and outdoor plants


All year round


The blooms we choose for our bouquets are of the best quality. We have four deliveries of flowers per week so our flowers are always fresh. All our bouquets are aqua pack, which means that the flowers will be in water at all times and can remain in their packaging for 24 hours. The flowers are fully wrapped and tied up with high quality ribbons or raffia.


We stock a variety of indoor evergreens, such as peace lilies, anthuriums, palm trees, dracaenas, bromeliads and flowering indoor plants such as orchids, potted miniatures roses, succulents and other exotic plants according to season. We also stock seasonal outdoor plants and perennials.


Whether you are having a small private dinner or a large celebration, we can create spectacular displays. We will work to your requirements and will make sure that our flowers will wow and delight your guest. Colour scheme and flower textures will be matched to bring your vision to spectacular results.


We stock gift cards, vases, candles, scented candles all types of containers

Corporate Flowers

Our weekly deliveries to offices, restaurants and schools are made out of seasonal flowers. We select flowers, plants and vases to suit each particular client.


At Flowers by Cymbidium weddings are about flower abundance on the wedding day. Weddings are tailor made to make the best of a brief according to fashion trends and flower seasonality. Our brides can choose to have the flowers been brought to their hotel suite or deliver to the Registry office. We will get the flowers there!!

From the smallest detail of decor to the delicious food, everything was perfect and surpassed my expectations. Aside from all the positive comments we had about the food, atmosphere, how the house looked etc

K Katz

We had such a great time!  The décor was gorgeous  (stunning flowers)

M Lee

We would like to thank you for making our day so very special. We thought the flowers were very stunning,

V James

Thank You for the brilliant work you’ve done for our wedding! We love the arrangements very much – everything from the bouquets to the table centrepieces and the large urn arrangements were so beautiful. I gasped out loud when I walked into the room and saw them.

Yin & Jeff

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